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On the Death of Kenny Rogers

The announcement of Kenny Rogers’ death at 81 reminds me of the inevitable certainty set before every one of us. We are uncertain of many things in this day of global pandemic, but of one thing we may be absolutely certain–a day will come, sooner than we might wish, when our name will replace Kenny’s in the headline.

Faith in Jesus Christ is often touted in these days as the means to having your best life ever. But there is a far more important, an eternal reason, for considering the claim God makes on your life and the call to faith He offers. Death comes, and after death, judgment. We hate talking about sin, and death, and judgment because we think by remaining silent and defensive the threat will simply go away. It won’t.

Every human being is a creation of God and every human being stands before God to be judged by their Creator according to criteria He sets. He is the perfect, just, wise, all knowing, righteous Judge of all the earth Who always does right.

We face our Creator and His judgment. It is a most hopeless expectation except for one very important provision. God our Creator, to Whom we will all give an account not only of our lives lived but of our hearts and thoughts as well, God declares that all who put their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior will be forgiven their sin and granted eternal life.

Jesus, the Son of God, God come in human flesh, took upon Himself the sin of the whole world and suffered death on the cross in our place for our benefit. God judged Christ for your sin. Put your faith in Christ and God will forgive your sin on His account.

A faithful, forgiven life has nothing to fear. Death holds no power over the promise of God. The certainty of death yields to the certainty of eternal life through faith in Jesus.

Neither you nor I can speak for Kenny Rogers or anyone else who leaves this life to stand before God, but we can prepare to speak for ourselves by trusting in Christ and letting His death on the cross on our behalf speak for us. Put your trust in Christ.

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