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Cornerstone continues a long history of ministry through print resources. Here are a few print publications that we cherish and depend upon for information, insight, and instruction. In June 2020, Covenant Books released Pastor Dale’s interpretive companion book on Ecclesiastes, Catching the Wind: A Guide for Interpreting Ecclesiastes. Information about the book, including links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble can be found on this page.

Available now in paperback, hardcover, and eBook versions.


If you would like the notes for the sermon this week (Sermon Outlines), you can find them here. Notes for our Wednesday night adult Bible study, a multi-year series called “Revelation: Return of the King,“ can be found here. (NOTE: The Revelation study has ended by you can still access the outline.)

Each year, in October and November, Cornerstone writes and publishes a devotional for the Advent and Christmas season. The little booklet with the rocket red cover usually contains about 40 short devotional articles written by 40 different Cornerstone family members or friends. A committee of three prayerfully selects the theme and passages each year, then calls for 40 volunteers. The committee meets to pray and then assigns one passage to each volunteer for them to pray over, reflect upon, and then write 200 – 300 words describing how the meaning of the passage applies to their lives in the context of Advent. It is rarely an “easy” exercise, but it never fails to prove a true spiritual blessing for the authors and for those who read. Over the last twenty years this little book has been read and used by believers as far from Grand Marais as China, Japan, Thailand, Israel, Zambia, Europe, and at least one Muslim-oriented country. You can find the Advent Devotional Index page here.

From this page you can also access the Sermon Library page, where videos of past services and sermons are archived. You’ll find the Sermon Library here.

And, in the spirit of staying connected during the ongoing pandemic protocols of social distancing and limited meeting capacities, we have also instituted an occasional “newsy” letter called Cornerstone CONNECT, which you can access here. Print copies are available by mail for those who request them and/or cannot access the digital copies. Otherwise you are free to read the newsletter online or print off your own copy. (Please note the PDF maintains the original 11×17 page size format.)







Cornerstone CONNECT Newsletter