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Who Are We?

Who are we? We are teachers and plumbers and shopkeepers and retired executives and grocery store clerks and foresters and biologists and moms and dads and kids and grammas and grampas and aunties and uncles.

Some are toddlers. We are kindergartners and elementary kids. We are middle schoolers and high schoolers. Some are college bound, others are bound up in college. We have A.As, B.As, graduate degrees and a doctorate or two. We are homeowners and homeshcoolers. We are public servants and public schoolers. We are Democrats and Republicans (I know! Under the same roof, right?)

We are a microcosm of our community intent on three things: experiencing God in love and loving one another in Christ, so that in love we may gain the experiential knowledge of the glory of the Lord and be used by Him to spread the knowledge of His glory in every place and relationship to which He calls us.

We are on a journey to know God. Jesus said that knowing God is eternal life. So we understand ourselves to be travelers on the most important journey a person can take. It is an adventure in discovery, comprehension, and practice. We are a small church committed to making a big difference in the world. We do not do all the things others do. We don’t have all the resources others have. But this we have in common with all those who love God and are called according to His purpose, we have Christ and the faith God has given us in Him to accomplish all the work of worship and witness God Himself has prepared in advance for us to do.