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“Hymnology” on YouTube from the Master’s Seminary

Yesterday we sang the hymn, “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.” This morning, in the providence of God, I discovered a short video from The Master’s Seminary, publisher of the Hymns of Grace hymnal we are using, that provides some background to the hymn as well as a beautiful performance of the hymn.

You can find the video here: “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”

You may want to consider subscribing to the “HYMNOLOGY” YouTube channel as they are providing this same format for many of the hymns in the Grace hymnal. We are using the Hymns of Grace hymnal at Cornerstone, in addition to the Celebration Hymnal, because of its intentional focus on training the singer/reader in sound doctrine and God-centered worship. Each of these hymnals is a tool that contributes not only to the actual practice of worship but to our understanding of the One we worship and our relationship to Him.

The HYMNOLOGY YouTube series provides additional depth to our understanding by giving access to the authors and their motivations for these great worship songs. I try and have the bulletin ready for the next Sunday by Wednesday each week. You could go to the LiveStream page on Cornerstone’s website, open a copy of the order of service for the coming Sunday, then go to HYMNOLOGY and see if they have covered any of the hymns yet. That could be a wonderful way of adding additional depth to your experience in worship on Sunday as you enter in with a greater understanding and appreciation for the praise you are offering as you sing.

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