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According to the Measure You Bring

Jesus said, “Consider carefully what you hear. With the measure you use, it will be measured out to you” (Mark 4:24). He is responding to His disciples question regarding His use of parables. What He means, I think, is this: When it comes to God’s truth, and the resulting blessings of understanding and application, you’ll get as much as you’re prepared to carry.

Come to God’s word and Christ’s teachings with a teaspoon measure, you’ll get a teaspoon measure of understanding and grace. Come with a bushel basket attitude, heart and mind open and ready to receive, and you’ll get a bushel basket measure of understanding and grace. Come with a front end loader of desire for Truth and guess what you get. That’s right, a front end loader measure of understanding and grace.

Now what do you think you’ll get from God if you come to Him with a closed fist, a closed mind, a closed heart, and a closed spirit. Jesus says not only do you not get any more, you lose what you have. Have you ever noticed what happens if you pour a volume of rice (or jelly beans or anything else) into your open palm and then close your hand tightly. You lose some of what it’s in your hand. Diminished volume equals diminished capacity.

Consider carefully what you hear from Jesus. And bring a big basket.

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  • Monica Klanderud

    Reply June 24, 2018 10:58 pm

    Pastor Dale, so true. How open and willing we are to hearing what God has for us makes all the difference.

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