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2020 Video Advent Devotional

2020 Advent Devotional

The 2020 COVID pandemic has challenged many of us to imagine creative ways to nurture the connectedness inherent in the spiritual nature of the church. We are the Body of Christ, after all, and a Body must remain fully integrated to function with maximum benefit. To that end, of nurturing connectedness and unity in the Body, Cornerstone presents, for the first time ever, a video reading of our annual Advent Devotional, Emmanuel, God is With Us.

Each day of Advent 2020, starting Sunday Nov. 29, you can click on the date and title below for a YouTube video of a Cornerstone family member reading the Scripture passage, the devotional article, and the prayer for that day. Once the videos are posted they will remain available, so you can review them as often as you would like!

It is our hope that the encounters we have had with God in His word with bless and encourage you in these days of Advent, Christmas, and beyond!




Sunday November 29: The Critical Question

Monday November 30: From the Beginning, With Purpose

Tuesday December 1: In God’s Own Image

Wednesday December 2: Staying Close to God

Thursday December 3: Temptation and Revelation

Friday December 4: God’s Presence

Saturday December 5: The Image Broken

Sunday December 6: God’s Salvation Promise

Monday December 7: Trust in God

Tuesday December 8: Faithful and True

Wednesday December 9: God Leads

Thursday December 10: God Makes A Way

Friday December 11: Don’t Be Afraid

Saturday December 12: God’s Amazing Grace

Sunday December 13: With Us in Time of Trouble

Monday December 14: I’m Convinced

Tuesday December 15: The Light of the World

Wednesday December 16: The Gift of a New Vision

Thursday December 17: The New Covenant of Christ

Friday December 18: The Way

Saturday December 19: Jesus the Way

Sunday December 20: Trust and Obey

Monday December 21: Immanuel, God With Us

Tuesday December 22: For Me

Wednesday December 23: A Child is Born

Thursday December 24: What Christmas Is All About

Friday December 25: The Cross – On This Day

Saturday December 26: The Ever Teaching Jesus

Sunday December 27: Immanuel, God With Us

Monday December 28: Killing Doubt

Tuesday December 29: Reconciliation

Wednesday December 30: Jesus Did Not Leave Us As Orphans

Thursday December 31: In the Beginning was the Word

Friday January 1: Alpha, Omega, and Everything in Between