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Cornerstones for Cornerstone

Jeremiah 29:11 establishes the hope God’s people have for the future securely in God Himself. As we look to the future and seek God’s will for us as a people, we hear His command and promise: live in the present as those who are confident in the One Who knows His plans for the future. To that end we are setting four cornerstones for our life together as a congregation heading into a certain future. These messages outline those cornerstones:

      1. Establish our theological identity
      2. Engage our educational responsibility
      3. Enact our relational opportunities
      4. Empower our mission priorities


2022-5-1 Cornerstones for Cornerstone (Jeremiah 29:4-14)

2022-5-8 Cornerstones for Cornerstone: Educational Responsibility

2022-5-15 Message by John Hay: Educational Responsibility – Commitment #1 Embrace a Biblical Vision for the Next Generation

2022-5-22 Message by Mike Crotteau: Educational Responsibility – Commitment #2 Foster a Robust Partnership Between Church and Home

2022-5-29 Educational Responsibility: Commitment #3 Teach the Breadth and Depth of the Whole Counsel of God

2022-6-5 Educational Responsibility: Commitment #4 Proclaim the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ

2022-6-12 Educational Responsibility: Commitment #5 Disciple the Mind, Heart, and Will

2022-6-19 Educational Responsibility: Commitment #6 Pray with Dependence on God’s Sovereign Grace

2022-6-26 Educational Responsibility: Commitment #7 Inspire Worship of God for the Glory of God

2022-7-3 Cornerstones for Cornerstone: Relational Opportunities

2022-7-10 Cornerstones for Cornerstone: Relational Opportunities (Conclusion)

2022-7-17 Cornerstones for Cornerstone: Mission Priority