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How to Confront Calamity God’s Way

COVID-19 is a natural calamity posing national disaster. It affects not only the health of those it infects, but in the effort to contain it, the national economy, national politics, even the nation’s future. The instructions provided by government for how churches should behave during the pandemic are vast and restrictive, but they are deficient in one critical way: they do not intentionally, overtly, or in any meaningful way, direct the church to God’s instructions for how God’s people ought to to respond to natural, national calamities. Fortunately, God’s word provided God instructions for confronting calamity God’s way. That instruction is easily found in the OT book of Joel. While God does not refute human effort to deal with calamity, He does call His people to a unified response that the world does not pursue.

Check out God’s instructions to His people for confronting natural calamity in this second episode of our new weekly video devotional, “There’s Something to Think About.” Click here for the video:

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