Revised Constitution Draft for Discussion

Life is a current of changes and Cornerstone's experience of ministry life in our community is also changing. As the challenges to live faithfully to God's word multiply around us, we have felt the need to review internal faith commitments, and, as much as we are able, solidly align the way in which we live and minister together as believers in Christ with the descriptions, provisions, requirements, and examples of God's word, the Bible. To that end we have spent a little over two years prayerfully and carefully working through our church constitution and are now prepared to discuss as a congregation the product of that review process.

The constitution review committee will schedule a number of opportunities for the congregation to gather and discuss the work they've done with the goal of providing a final draft for congregational approval at the annual meeting in June 2017. For now, this draft you can read the draft here online or print it. Online confidential comments will be available after the first congregational meeting on February 19, 2017.

Read or print the draft of Cornerstone's Revised Constitution here.